Survival Skills Training 101


Survival skills training is an important activity that each of us should pursue. Learning the most basic survival skills is an important element when it comes to ensuring your security and safety. Survival skills training is a lifelong learning process that should be pursued by each and every single one of us. In this article, survival skills training 101, you will be introduced to three essential and basic survival skills. In many cases, you may find yourself in an undesirable location and state. You will need to have some handle on the situation in order to ensure that you can manipulate your environment to suit your basic human needs. Here, you will learn the essentials of survival.

Creating Appropriate Shelter

If you find yourself in a position in which you are expected to survive based on your own knowledge and using only the items around you, the first thing that you need to focus on is shelter. It is important that you have a shelter so that you are properly protected from the elements around you, such as wild animals and weather conditions. This shelter will also protect from insects and the sun, wind and other weather conditions. When creating an appropriate shelter, there are actually several different types that should be considered.

The first type of shelter is our clothing. The clothing that you will be required to wear when in a position of survival will be dependent upon the type of environment that you find yourself in. Typically, you should dress in many layers of clothing as this permits you to avoid becoming burdened with carrying your clothes and will allow you to adjust your warmth level to each environment that you face. Clothing is very important – especially if you find yourself in an environment with a lot of sun, or one where it is extremely cold.

The second type of shelter is actually an enclosure that can be used to put up a barrier between you and the outdoor environment that you find yourself in. You will need to construct this shelter yourself. You may only have components of nature to work with. If you want to increase your survival skills training, it may be appropriate to practice composing self-made huts from sticks, rocks, limbs, and similar items. This will help to prepare you should you ever need a sound structure for survival.

Creating Fire

If you want to ensure that you are equipped with the most basic of survival skills training, it is important that you know and understand how to create a fire. This will assist in staying warm, providing light, and possibly even preparing food while waiting for rescue. Furthermore, having a healthy fire in the wild can actually deter creatures from approaching you and harming you. By having a fire, you are also able to boil your water supply in an effort to ensure that it is purified. Other benefits of fire include:

•        Drying clothes and supplies that may experience contact with water.

•         Deterring harmful and poisonous insects.

•         Creating essential tools that will assist in survival.

•         Signaling for help if in a dire situation in the wild.

Signaling for Assistance

Signaling for assistance is a very important aspect of survival skills training. This will allow you to send messages to others to indicate that you are in danger and you need help. There are many different tools that can be used to signal others during an emergency. The most common methods include using a fire, any type of solar and/or battery powered light, pieces of glass or mirror, whistles, and even a weapon like a gun. In order to signal for survival, it is important that you remember the power of 3:  Whatever signal you send should be in threes. For example, if you have a flashlight, turn it on and off three times. If you have a gun, shoot it three times. If you have a whistle, blow it three times. This is a universal signal for assistance. If you remember this, help is sure to arrive soon!


As you can see, creating appropriate shelter, knowing how to signal for help, and creating a fire are the essentials to survival. If you find yourself in a dire situation in the wild, having basic survival skills training can prove to be extremely beneficial. Remember, just knowing these things may not always be enough. It is best to practice these skills while in a controlled and comfortable environment so that if you ever need them in the future, you will be comfortable applying your expertise.