Hot Tip: How to Survive on a Deserted Island


There may come a time in your life where you end up on a deserted island and must learn to adjust for survival. This will be a challenging and disheartening experience to say the least. This is especially true if you are on the island alone. However, many individuals have ended up in this situation and have been successfully rescued. If you are in this situation, it is important to remain hopeful of a rescue and to do what you can in the “now” to survive day to day. This is the most important aspect when wondering how to survive on a deserted island. Throughout this guide, you will be introduced to a few ideas that can help you while stranded on a deserted island.


The very first item of interest should be a suitable and safe shelter. You may find yourself quite exhausted once you arrive on the island. Many who have been rescued have stated that they spent a large amount of time seeking out a good spot for their shelter instead of getting something temporary up, and then wore themselves out before ever getting the opportunity to construct protection of significant value. Just remember, the right location does not matter initially – just the protection in itself is important. Look around and gather every single item you find that may be of value in this endeavor.

If you arrived on the island by way of a raft, this can be used as a shelter. If you arrived by boat, or plane –these can give you protection from the elements and wildlife that surround you. Many islands have trees, rocks, vines, bamboo, thick grasses, and other natural supplies that can assist you in survival. Consider the following ideas for methods of constructing suitable shelter while you are stranded on a deserted island:

1.      Find branches that resemble the letter “Y”.

2.      Stick these branches down into the ground rather deeply, making sure that each one is approximately five to six feet away from the other one.

3.      Find a long limb of branch that is light enough to be supported by the two “Y” shaped branches, and place it on each so that it goes across.

4.      Now, you have a basic frame. You will want to find long branches that can be rested on the limb that goes across on either side.

5.      Once you have all of the branches in place, simply search for a vine or something that can act as a rope to tie everything together and secure it.

6.      Finally, gather leaves, boughs, palm tree fronds and similar items to cover the structure with for additional security.

7.      Take leaves and fronds from trees and line the inside of the structure in order to make a “floor” to rest on.

Water Collection

Learning how to survive on a deserted island includes finding water. Now, being on a deserted island, you will have an unlimited access to ocean water. While this is good for washing and cleaning clothes and tools, it is not appropriate to drink. The salt and other chemical compounds in ocean water can actually dehydrate your body. You will need to focus on capturing fresh water. One way to do this is to find any and all items that can act as containers. You may have access to buckets, or you may have to create a container using shells, large bulgy leaves, or even a shoe. When it comes to survival, water is necessary so any old container will work. If you have some type of plastic sheeting available, you can easily create a solar water still that can prove to be very helpful in collecting water that comes from the rain. The directions are as follows:

1.      Select an area that is higher than where the tides come in that is exposed to a lot of sunlight on a daily basis.

2.      Dig a hole that can be used. This hole should be about three feet deep and three feet deep.

3.      Find a bucket or other type of container that can be placed in the very center.

4.      Now, go around and choose healthy green plants that can be placed around the container.

5.      Place a piece of plastic sheeting over the hole and then put rocks and sand on the sides in order to ensure that the plastic stays in place.

6.      Then, put a rock in the center of the solar water still and a small hole. Water will now drip down and the green plants will help produce more.


Having fresh clean water and efficient shelter are two of the most important aspects of living comfortably on a deserted island until help arrives. Food is also important. You can consume many different items from the ocean. However, if you are uncertain as to what is considered to be safe eating, and what is considered to be dangerous, try to remember the following:

1.      Avoid consuming fish that have the appearance of spikes on their body.

2.      Be sure to resist the temptation of eating jellyfish.

3.      If a fish puffs up for protection, do not consume it.

4.      Fish that appear to have “beaks” on their faces are also not a food type that is safe.

By employing these simple steps, you are sure to survive on a deserted island. Remember, creativity is the most important aspect of survival on an island. There are no rules when it comes to surviving in such a dangerous environment.